I saw the new avengers!

So last night I got to see the new avengers movie and I love it I thought the movie was amazing. Spoiler it’s not really about the avengers it’s more about Thanos’s his back story and getting to understand him I loved that. It was different then most hero movies. The movie had a lot of mixed reviews but I think it was good but if you haven’t watched the the other marvel movies I would suggest that y’all get a better understanding of what’s going on. From what I understand their was supposed to be a lot more Avengers apart of the movie including the XMEN I wish their was more character involved but I loved it. I can’t wait for the second part but until then I’ll be waiting for Captain Marvel. 

Dream Room Update!

soooo after I did the post recently about what I would like my dream room to be like I really got inspired and so I decided to change up my room and although it’s not my dream room and its a step forward. I really went through everything threw things out I don’t need nor used and it feels so good to do so and I think that it’s important for everyone to really take time to declutter and clean threw things. it made me feel really good and I feel like I got a clear headspace is not completely done but when I am I will definitely post pictures. but I’m so happy I wrote that post I feel so much better

My frist memory.

my first memory I was really young and my parents were about to move out of a new apartment. I remember walking into a room that has two giant green wooden bunk beds and my aunt and cousin were spending a night there and we were all about to go to sleep. The crazy thing is that my parents say we never have bunk those bunk beds so I’m not sure where I got this from but its something I truly believe happened.  

Propaganda poster

This is the assignment we had to remake for class and I kinda did it a little bit more simple but I still like the message.