Dream Destinations

I want to travel someday, hopefully soon I have so many places I want to go and explore and be able to see that I haven’t had the chance to go see mainly because I don’t have a passport yet which i need to get very soon. but this is my pinterest page on my dream vacation. 

My Dream Bedroom

I don’t know about anyone else but me personally, I think more about my dream bedroom then my dream home. I spend do much time their its the place I can relax and really just let go. This is an idea of what i would want my dream bed room to look like.

the most important part of any bed room is the bed and for me i want my bed to be right next to the window. so I can get  as much natural light as possible because it bring so much warmth into the room and I love to wake up with the sun shining in. I don’t get much sunlight into my room so it would it nice to have my bed right next to it.

Another thing that is a must have in my room is my vanity. I have so much makeup and I love putting it on and playing with makeup. It relaxes me that I need so where to store it all but i also want it to be light and pretty

I really don’t watch much tv but I would like to have it set up like this because is simple theres not a-lot of wires hanging everywhere.  and I have some storage space to put my Movies and things in.

I also want a walk in closet because who wouldn’t want a walk in closet honestly



I officially turned 21 last Wednesday April 4 and I was so excited I did’t do much but just spent it with loved ones. Saturday I was supposed to go to this amazing seafood place called Craw Daddies but when we tried to reserve a table they was full until the next day and I had to work so we just went to Red Lobster instead  it was still good enjoyed my Birthday