Final post

excited cotton candy GIF by Demic

this class is something I didn’t expect and really enjoyed a lot, I have learned so  much from this class my favorite part of the class is definitely making the website it was challenging and new I have always wanted a place for me to be able to express my self and have full creative control and although when first making the website I didnt know  what I wanted to post and what I wanted my site to be it was really random but now I want to makeit a beauty blog since thats something I have always been intrested in.  One thing I really want to do with my website is revamped it and change the layout cause I’m not too happy with it, to begin with, but you don’t get much free options. i also want to start doing vlogs on youtube and post it.  I’m so excited for what this website can be and so happy I took this class and learn how to use applications I have never used before.

 This is the first gif I created using photoshop and I couldn’t be more happy about it. it was a struggle and hard to get to this point but I did and I love it.

I’m sad that this class is over but I know I will carry the skills that I’ve learned from this class on and continue to use this website and make it better. I did watch some videos to help me better understand wordpress and continue to use it.

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